History of the waipoua forest

An Ancient Story

Kauri are an ancient tree that existed when New Zealand became an island. Fossil evidence shows that the kauri genus (Agathis) emerged in the forests of the super-continent Gondwana over 100 million years ago. 

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Maori History

The first custodians of the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ (Aotearoa – New Zealand))  considered the kauri to be the king of the forest. Traditional stories describe the growth of this tree as the force that separated sky & earth bringing light into the world.

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Logging Operations

In 1800 it was estimated 1.2 million hectares of kauri forest thrived. In 1900 a mere 300,000 hectares  remained. The Waipoua Forest is one of the largest areas of kauri ecosystem still surviving today.

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