To protect and restore the Waipoua Kauri Forest

The Waipoua Forest is an ancient ecosystem and one of the largest areas of Kauri still surviving today. The reserves that make up the Waipoua Forest Trust border the northern and southern edges of the Waipoua Forest. The Trust is situated on the West Coast of Northland, New Zealand.

Our main work at the Waipoua Forest Trust is to regenerate previously cleared land that borders the Waipoua Forest.  Our goal is to protect and restore this Kauri ecosystem at a landscape scale. The challenges of Kauri die-back disease, introduced pest species & the onset of climate change makes our work more important than ever.

The trust is committed to restoring the natural balance of the forest ecosystem by replanting natives and controlling pest species, giving unique species in this area the opportunity to survive and flourish.

All land owned by the Trust is placed under a covenant for permanent protection through the Queen Elizabeth II National Trust. So far 230 hectares, of a total 265 hectares, have been regenerated and works are underway to plant out the remaining land over the next 5 years.

The Waipoua Forest Trust works in partnership with Kaitiaki Kiwi, Te Roroa Iwi, Northland Regional Council, the Department of Conservation, Ministry of Primary Industries the Native Forest Restoration Trust, and Reconnecting Northland.

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